Chinstraps was formed early in 2009 by a couple of good friends that did not find a club that suited their needs in the Centurion Area.
The founder members are:

Patches (Pieter) - President.
Raymond - Former Vice President.
Gesiggie (Mercia) - 1st Lady/Secretary.
Vlekkie (Gerhard) - Road Captain.
Janneman (Jan) - Sweeper.
The current Committee Is:

Patches (Pieter) - President.
Janneman (Jan) - Vice President.
Krystal - Secretary.
The club promotes safe motorcycling and try to encourage all to get more involved with motorcycling in South Africa as we have some of the best roads and sights in the world.
If you need to get into contact to find out more about the club please visit our "Contact Us" page